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CAMERA –RTE 70/800


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    Rotating camera/span>
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    Electric Drive 230 v or 12 V
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    Application range 70 – 800 mm
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    Sewer inspection software
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    Rotating Eye
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    17“ LCD monitor
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    LED lights
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    Simple to use
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    Easy to transport


Set for inspection of pipes and channels:

  • Electric Drive
  • 4×4 Transmission

  • Waterproof

  • Rotating Eye


The RTE 70/800 portable video inspection system is intended for inspection condition of patency of pipes and channels using a high resolution camera. It allows quick detection and recording of obstacles, congestion, cracks and other damages caused in water supply and sewage pipes, etc. The system enables placing on the monitor an image, descriptions allowing quick identification of the examined area together with a record of the distance (meters) traveled through the probe and slope of the tested section of the channel in the form of a slope chart (available in a set with a trolley). The camera has an automatic leveling system in both axes and a system called UPC (camera can take a horizontal position relative to the ground regardless of tipping the trolley). The archiving of inspections is carried out on a computer mounted in a box (control panel), and the processing of the recorded image takes place via a special computer program. The image from the works on the channel can be recorded on a Pendrive disc, the movie can be accompanied by a printout of inheritance and a report on the appearance of the channel.


The RTE 70/800 kit for pipe and duct inspection is a modular set. Its basic element is a box with a built-in computer set with software, a 17 “LCD monitor, and electronic circuits enabling the display of typed keyboard texts, the size of the traveled path through the probe and the inclination of the tested sections of pipes and channels. From the desktop placed in the box we control the camera’s eye lighting and the movement of the self-moving trolley. The remaining elements (modules) are chosen by the Ordering Party depending on the needs.


The kit can be retrofitted with additional modules at any time. All components of the RTE 70/800 Kit are compatible with each other.

SpecificationCamera 70/800
ConsoleSimple to use, easy to transport anywhere, friendly to the operator
Display17 "LCD monitor (color)
Video standardPAL (color)
Video recorderHDD
Moving the recordPendrive
Max. recording timeup to approx. 50 hours HDD
Entering entrieskeyboard
Lightingadjustable potentiometer
Softwareauthor's program for processing a saved image
Printthrough a connected printer to the USB port
Speed and direction controladjustable potentiometer
Chartdisplayed on the screen and as a printout
Software license with reporting moduleA program for processing a saved image and a module for preparing reports on the work performed
Video recording formatAVI
Image compressiondivx
Resolution of the saved image720x57
Customer data and individual worksaved in catalogs
Chartreal and averaged
The course of the studycolumn all events assigned to the location where the cart was located
A printout of the dip level chart and the test runvia a connected external printer to the USB port
Self-propelled trolley with a rotating eyeWaterproof, self-propelled trolley made of hard elements, nickel-plated, bolted with screws made of stainless materials
Truck driveelectric
Transmission2 rigid axles / 4x4
Trolley 100-400 - recording rangepipes with a diameter of 100 to 400 mm
Trolley 150-800 - recording rangepipes with a diameter of 150 to 800 mm
Switching the direction of travelmanually
Speed regulationmanually
Automatic camera levelingyes, with one button
Speed of the trolleyfrom 0 to 16 cm / sec
Camera mounted on a self-moving trolley
Camera sensitivity1.0 lux.
Number of illuminating diodes4 pcs integrated
Controlling the object's irisautomatically
White level balanceautomatically
Strengthening the signalautomatically
Drum with transmission cableRotating drum with reinforced transmission cable transmitting the signal from the camera to the control panel
Cable length counterelectric
The length of the cable120 m
Coiling the cablemanually

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Tomasz JankeExport Sales Director+48 602 396 265 t.janke@kanro.eu
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Tomasz JankeExport Sales Director+48 602 396 265 t.janke@kanro.eu
Andrzej KuryłowiczExport Sales Manager+48 602 500 588a.kurylowicz@kanro.eu

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